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Hire Train and Deploy:

Talent shortages challenge employers around the globe, As one of the world’s leading source of IT professionals, India is under incredible pressure to keep up with growing demand—but all too often the available talent lacks the technical training and soft skills employers need now. Some say that up to 56% of IT jobs in India go unfilled. Through our Hire-Train-Deploy program, Colosseum Group is addressing that skills shortage and helping people from all walks of life skill up and position themselves for success.

When the demand for a particular skill set is very high that the clients need their new staff to be productive from the time on board, the Hire Train & Deploy model definitely works as an alternate and effective sourcing strategy to ensure the new employees are equipped with the technology skills/domain knowledge. Thus Hire Train & Deploy tries to bridge this gap by its unique offering. To do this, we select suitable candidates from various sources and put them through our regular strict short-listing process, and train them with specific skill sets before they are presented to you. Thus we ensure that the candidates go through your hiring process are skilled with particular capabilities and ready for the new competencies.

Hire Train & Deploy

Sourcing the Candidate based on client Specifications
Initial Client Interview of Candidate to get into the program
Training the Candidates by client approved trainer and curriculum
Client’s evaluation throughout the progrm and feedback
Client Interview of Candidates, final selection and Deployment

Advantages of HTD:

  • Very Cost efficient to deliver world class skilled resources
  • Very opt for upskill, Junior level hires and for volume hiring of definite skillset
  • Very effective to create a niche and special skillsets and combinations
  • Agreed period of contract and absorption into client payroll
  • Fixed price agreed before for the services rendered in case of hiring directly into the client payroll


Staffing covers the entire recruitment and deployment process of a human resource and often this is done either full time hire or contract staffing.

Staffing Process:

1. Manpower Planning
2. Recruitment
3. Selection
4. Placement
5. Training
6. Development
7. Promotions
8. Transfer
9. Appraisal
10. Determination of Remuneration

Benefits of Staffing Process

The benefits of an effective staffing function are as follows-

  • Staffing process helps in getting right people for the right job at right time. The function of staffing helps the management to decide the number of employees needed for the organization and with what qualifications and experience.
  • Staffing process helps to improved organizational productivity. Therefore, through proper selection of employees in the organization, it can increase the quality of the employees, and through proper training, the performance level of the employees can also be improved.
  • It helps in providing job satisfaction to the employees and thus keeps their morale high. With proper training and development programmer, the employees get motivation and their efficiency improves and they feel assured of their career advancements.
  • It maintains harmony in the organization. Therefore with an overall performance of proper staffing in an organization, the individuals are not only recruited and selected and but as a result, their performance is regularly appraised and promotions made on merit which fosters harmony and peace in the organization for the accomplishment of overall objectives of an organization.

Campus Recruitment / Hiring:

Konnexz has vast experience and the know how to pick the cream from the breeding grounds of the technology which are colleges both reputed institutions as well colleges across india. With our tie up with the National Skill development council as well various state run skill development authorities we have good contacts with the college managements and often do the job drives at various colleges across India.

Benefits of Campus hiring:

Campus recruitment activity offers several advantages to both the companies as well as the job applicants. Following are some of the main advantages of campus recruitment listed below -

  • The companies will be benefited from getting wide choice of candidates to select for different job posts. Companies can select the right and talented candidate from a vast pool of young applicants within a limited time. On the other hand, students have the advantage of getting a good job according to their qualification level even before the completion of their academic course in college.
  • Campus recruitment helps in saving time and efforts of the companies. The entire campus recruitment process from a college is not a tedious toil. It prevents the occurrence of unusual expenditures related to recruitment process such as advertisement, initial screening, and final selection procedures etc. This in turn turns to be useful in reduced manpower effort and time as well.
  • An organization through effective campus recruitment finds an opportunity to establish a link with the next batch of students. This in turn paves way to serve the future and long term recruitment needs of the company. Students participating in internships and summer training programs may have direct recruitment to different job positions offered by the company.
  • Campus recruitment helps in increased selection ratio. More number of quality candidates can be selected through this recruitment process.
  • The organizations can built up more company loyalty through campus selection process. Fresh and talented graduates will work more closely with their first company. Hence, this in a way will increase the brand loyalty among different applicants.

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